The Three Tiered Pagoda Fountain

Three-Tiered-Pagoda-Fountain Stunning against a white wall or as a garden center piece, the Three Tiered Pagoda Fountain is an elegant work of art. It is perfectly at home surrounded by large leafy ferns, or out in the open with colorful potted plants at its base. The fountains three tiers create a magical display as water bubbles out of the top into the second bowl, to finally cascade into the basin below.



The Three Tiered Pagoda Fountain is constructed of cast stone and is available in several different patinas. It is manufactured entirely in the United States, and measures 70” tall and 47” wide. The total weight of the fountain is 873 lbs. and is available for delivery anywhere in the continental U.S. Other features include,

  • Variable speed pump making it unnecessary to purchase any additional plumbing supplies or equipment, and the electrical cord plugs into any standard three prong outlet.
  • Shipping only requires 2 weeks on most orders, and can be placed on any specific location.
  • Detailed assembly instructions are also included, along with a link to a downloadable adobe schematic file.

This unique fountain is easy to assemble and does not require any additional plumbing or electrical work.


Winter Care

The Three Tiered Pagoda Fountain is constructed of cast stone making it both durable and elegant. During the harsh winter months, it is recommended that all water be removed from the fountain to help prevent cracks and chips to appear in the stone. The pump should also be taken indoors until all danger of freezing has passed.


The heavy stone fountain is a beautiful and elegant addition to any landscape, but it does require a firm and even foundation. Surfaces such as concrete or stone provide the best support, but pea gravel can be poured over softer areas to help support the weight of the fountain. 

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