The Shell Wall Fountain in English Iron – A Unique Accent for Your Wall

The Shell Wall Fountain in English IronThe Shell Wall Fountain in English Iron will be a great addition to any wall may it be indoors or outdoors. This wall fountain may be placed along any part of your property wall to serve as the focal point of an enclosure where a garden set may be placed. It may also be placed on a wall in a semi-outdoor lanai or serve as a central figure in an indoor garden so the relaxing sound of trickling water may be heard by family members as they go about their daily lives.

The spout which is located in the middle upper portion of this wall fountain is decorated with a shell figure and thus the name “Shell Wall Fountain”. Below it, another shell figure catches the water from the spout. The water from this shell figure flows out in three streams which spills out on to the bottom reservoir. From here, the water is pumped back up to the shell spout for another cycle around the fountain.

This fountain is actually made of tough heavy duty layered fibreglass with a weathered English iron finish. Its recirculation fountain pump may cycle water through the fountain at different speeds. It is especially designed for long term use so it will not burn out even if the fountain is left on for extended periods of time. The cord of this fountain is nearly 6 feet long and it plugs into an electrical outlet with three prongs.

The Shell Wall Fountain in English Iron measures 26.8 inches tall, 17.9 inches from side to side and 9.6 inches from front to back. It only weighs 13.9 lbs. without water making it one of the lightest wall fountains available in the market. With water, it can weigh anywhere from 18.9 lbs. to 23.9 lbs. It is not advised to add more than 10 lbs. of water to this wall fountain.

Hear and View The Shell Wall Fountain in English Iron in this video

If you want to decorate a bare wall, you can consider putting in a wall fountain. Although there are many in the market to choose from, make sure you check out and consider the Shell Wall Fountain. Unlike most other wall fountains, it is not made to look like stone which is rather common. If you want a unique accent to you wall, the Shell Wall Fountain in English Iron may just do the trick.


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