Cafe Wall Fountain will add elegance and charm anywhere it is placed

cafe wall fountain

cafe wall fountain

Fountains can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere anywhere they are placed, and the Cafe Wall Fountain provides both calming music and European charm. The gentle rush of the water can ease any troubles, and the classic design brings the elegant style of the old world. The classical monument provides the perfect background for the three tiered Grecian pitchers. The gently cascading water is not only beautiful, but soothing as it falls to a pool at the base of the fountain. Perfect in the garden or on a backyard patio, the Cafe Wall Fountain will add a touch of old world charm anywhere it is placed.



The Cafe Wall Fountain is a total of 30” from the front to the back, and is 65” in height. With a width of 29” and a weight of 343lbs. this classic fountain will not be missed. Instead of using stone, the fountain is built of glass fiber reinforced concert. This allows the fountain to be lighter and more durable than the fountains constructed of stone. The Cafe Wall Fountain is also available in other colors and finishes, and custom made upon ordering. The power cord will easily fit into any standard three prong outlet, and there are no additional plumbing supplies to purchase since the fountain also comes with the variable speed water pump.



This beautiful and elegant fountain is constructed upon ordering, and can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. Within four to six weeks the fountain will be delivered and placed accordingly to the buyer’s specifications, though the delivery personnel will not help with the installation. Clear and concise assembly instructions are included, along with a toll free help number.

Let the Cafe Wall Fountain add a touch of elegance and charm to your backyard area.

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